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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Conventional astrological wisdom says, “don’t buy, don’t sell, don’t sign” during a Mercury retrograde. Okay. If you do, because we know how much Americans like their freedoms, at least buy the extended warranty or leave something later for negotiating.

When the planet of communication, writing and contracts spends more time in the relationship driven signs of Libra and Scorpio, your intentions matter. Your ‘not so’ hidden motivations rule. Retrograde planets get you to re-do areas of our lives we usually take for granted. How we listen, express ourselves as well as perceive and receive our communication are all up for grabs. This little mischievous bugger is retro until Election Day (Nov 3)!?! Oh joy. Fortunately, as Scorpio is a sign of ‘secrets’, expect more than a number to come out in the light of day. 

The shift from influential and intellectual Libra to perceptively passionate Scorpio increases our involvement with social ideals, mutual resources and evolution on a personal, interpersonal and sometimes planetary level.

Our consciousness downloads through our minds (Sun/Mercury interior conjunction) on Sunday, October 25. Let your freak flags fly. After Aquarius, Scorpio comes in a close second in terms of winning the IDGAF Sweepstakes. No fucks given is a requirement of those born in the middle of the fall and winter. Please do not assume this means they are cruel, because they aren’t. Scorpio and Aquarius, particularly when Mercury’s in the mix, simply have little to no patience for the mentally incurious, slow or close minded. You’ll know that they don’t through Scorpio’s piercing gaze and side-eyed glances (I really believe Scorpio created the ‘side eyed’ look). Aquarius tends to be more unfiltered about their preferences.

This upcoming weekend take time to realize which thoughts and feelings no longer serve your larger agenda. Realize it may be until Mercury returns to the third degree of Scorpio on November 14 (just in time for the New Moon) that you’ll be able to make heads or tails out of these informational downloads. Hell, Scorpio is connected to the underworld, so it will probably be info uploads. Who in the fuck knows? Higher, lower, downloads or uploads, it is a matter of perspective, not better or worse. We have a leaning towards higher because of insecurities put in place through our patriarchal rationally dominated systems. But, try having some sex without your lower self getting involved, enjoying a great meal or hugging a loved one, ok? Scorpio teaches us this.

Mercury in the quadrant of sharing yourself with an equal, places our minds on our shared souls. The three signs most intimately connected to this connection are Libra, Scorpio & Sagittarius. How we feel reflected in another’s gaze, touch or conversation increases in importance. The signs of fall are tonal and evolutionary police, the whole lot of them. Libra may act detached from mood, tone and nuances, but sound travels through the air. Sagittarius will crack a joke or two, but it is usually done to gauge how intense you’ll support one position or another. Matter no mistake this fall falls (pun intended) within the Tone & Evolutionary Police Rule. And, hey if you’re growing at your own reflective pace, then give ‘no fucks’ about someone else’s perception.

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