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Numbers, Stars & Cards---Scorpio Paying It Forward (PIF) Threes

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Scorpio Paying It Forward Threes (October 30, November 3, 12, 21) Scorpio as a sign is not commonly known for its joy. You like it this way. Other than Aquarius, when secure, you enjoy surprising others with your unusual humor and frivolity. After all, your sign houses such holidays as Halloween and the Day of the Dead. Scorpio Threes have the good fortune to get a certain passion for the good things in life as well as the desire to share them from the karmic paths found in Numerology and Tarot. Lemons and lemonade come to mind. A humor unparalleled through a keen sense of what can be lost through obsession, misguided loyalties and extreme behaviors. Willing to be an inspiration to your fellow humans chimes in as one of your best traits. A narcissistic vision of your own importance can be one of your worst. Ewww.

When you are aware of how the intuitive and inventive Tarot operates along with your Power Date and Sun sign,

You can become and Paying It Forward (PIF) with

The Lovers aka Communicator of Tastes keenly aware of social protocols and fine manners, you thrive on observing what's expected of you and then determining whether to act like you’re going to give it. Scorpios generally have challenges of learning to manage their appetites, you are no exception. Most of your challenges exist from not knowing when you’ve had or said enough. You probably miss the days of the dropped handkerchief, the releasing and picking it up. You love games that involve gender bending, yes, you can tease and flirt. You call it ‘getting feedback from folx you find attractive’. Grow up. Naw, you’re more playful when you don’t take life too seriously. It shows that you trust your heart to guide you more than your head. You play roles so deftly. In the negative, you cannot be counted upon because you refuse to grow up, particularly in the area of keeping secrets. Roseanne Barr

The Hermit who tells everyone who’s willing to listen to your rants how much you enjoy being alone. to have your famed independence you can burn too many bridges, unnecessarily. When you slow down to listen to those who actually have your best interests at heart, you are an incredible listener, heartfelt and compassionate. If you were simply a Karmic Three, (that is not interested in how to build goodwill through Paying It Forward (PIF), I might agree with your rebellious mannerisms of staying single, ‘I do it all myself’ or ‘You cannot trust human beings.. As a Scorpion, you must locate a way to live with another intimately and maintain your singularity. 'Resistance is futile', the Borg will have their way. Use The Hermit to study the stock of your potential mates and friends, if they become too possessive or needy, they are not for you. But, I'm sure there are some Aquarian PIF’s Nines ripe for an 'unconventional' pairing.

The Hanged One aka The Rescuer through your quick feeling sensors you behave empathetically. You are to how much you need to set boundaries with your family or you can easily become overwhelmed. A creative outlet is needed, one that doesn't depend on anyone else. You can transform 'Father, not my will, but thy will be done' to 'My heartfelt will be done', Living needs to be easier for you. Instead of forcing a square peg in a round hole, search for a square hole, ok? All you have to do is visualize your intentions behind how you want to serve yourself and others. Even if you cannot create money from it, resist the temptation to believe that you can never create your life in your own spectacular image---certainly because you know your will intends to service the highest good of all concerned. Colin Kaepernick

The Devil aka Trickster. You are the advocate of pleasure, life and living. You challenge those who repress without any thoughtful reasoning. To you, unexamined motives (and life) are the workings of the ‘Devil’. As you mature, you begin to push over our ‘sacred cows’. After all, to you irreverent includes the word ‘reverent’ which means you have examined what (and whom) you are making fun of. You must include your self-depreciative self in your self-expression. It makes you more accessible to the rest of us---not that you care. Secretly, you do. You may seem like the elders screaming at the youngster on your lawn---you simply want some attention for your futuristic ideals. In your community you have a well-honed awareness of when some way of life has become outmoded. Sometimes, you will even present yourself as the symbol to be the scapegoat. You shrug. Laugh. Think to yourself 'humans'. Sigh. Go on about having even more fun.

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